"Financing the transition to a low carbon, resilient economy will be a key to ever more ambitious national climate action plans and realizing the Paris Climate Change Agreement goals. Green bonds are among an array of exciting and rapidly growing, new financial instruments that are going to help us get there. I warmly welcome the Pledge as one among many inspiring new initiatives that will launch climate action in 2018 to the next level of ambition."

- Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary UNFCCC

"When green investments move from business plans into budgets and balance sheets a wealth of opportunity will be unlocked across the value chain. Organizations committing to the Green Bond Pledge will benefit from these opportunities, and help the necessary acceleration of capital flows - before 2020 - to deliver a sustainable future for everyone."

- Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary UNFCCC, Convener M2020


The Green Bond Pledge

The Green Bond Pledge is a simple declaration with broad and far-reaching impact.  All bonds that finance long-term infrastructure and capital projects need to address environmental impact and climate risk.  Green bonds contribute to beneficial environmental and climate outcomes and signal that these imperatives have been deliberately incorporated into the planning and deployment of infrastructure projects.